Decaffeinato Espresso <br> قهوة اسبريسو منزوعة الكافيين Coffee Capsules Dolce Vita

    Decaffeinato Espresso
    قهوة اسبريسو منزوعة الكافيين

    1.200 OMR 2.400 OMR


    Capsules: 10  Intensity: 5

    Compatible: Nespresso

    Blend of selected Arabica and Robusta coffees for a perfect low-caffeine espresso.


    The separate roasting of the Arabica and Robusta origins ensures balance and roundness and the different cooking temperatures enhance the qualities of the different varieties in the best possible way.


    A medium extraction (about 40ml.) Is preferable to enhance the peculiarities of this decaffeinated coffee blend. The perfect balance between the varieties used contributes to the right balance between the body of the Robusta varieties, which also ensure a good creaminess in the cup and the sweetness and fruity aroma of the Arabica varieties.


    Roasted and ground coffee packaged in a protective atmosphere. Caffeine content not exceeding 0.10%.

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