Gran Gusto Espresso <br> قهوة اسبريسو جران جوستو Coffee Capsules Dolce Vita
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    Gran Gusto Espresso
    قهوة اسبريسو جران جوستو

    1.680 OMR 2.400 OMR


    Capsules: 10  Intensity: 7

    Compatible: Nespresso

    Precious blend composed of only carefully selected Arabica coffees from the best crops of Central America, very aromatic and sweet.


    The selected Arabica varieties require a very delicate cooking that enhances the citrus notes of the blend.


    Gran Gusto is characterized by a good body and a typical aromatic profile that enhances the fruity and floral notes of the selected Arabica varieties. Good body and persistent creaminess in the cup.

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